The Deva I++Server is a standalone program which acts as a client to the DevaCMMCtrl software and drivers which support the Deva range of CMM controller and Manual interface products.

Once installed and configured it will accept connections from clients using the I++ DME protocol. The Server is based on V1.5 of the I++ DME specification but does support in full or in part some commands from V1.6 and V1.7 to improve compatibility. A detailed list of supported methods and properties can be found in the user guide.

If required the I++Server can be operated in "ClientTool" mode removing the need to configure the server. In this special case it is not necessary to configure any tools since tool properties are passed down from the client application each time a tool is changed. For this purpose the client should select the tool named "default". Furthermore it is not necessary to configure the Calibration Sphere or the Probe Head. For these reasons the I++Server is ready to use by default.

The I++ server has support for the following equipment / technology:

· Touch trigger probes

· Manual or Automatic probe heads.

· Scanning Probes

· Multiple Calibration Spheres

· Star Stylii

· Change racks