1. What's covered by this Guide

Deva001 for most manual CMM applications.

Deva004 CMM controller for most CMM Applications.

Deva037 for all manual CMM applications.

Please refer to the Deva Driver Selection Guide in the support section of our website for more guidance on alternate drivers to use.

For software upgrades or where the Deva controller is changed for a different type please refer to the DevaCMMCtrl Installation and Configuration Guide.

2. Hardware installation

The Deva004 or Deva001 cards are installed by inserting it into any available PCIexpress slot. The Deva037 is plugged into a USB connector on the PC. If encoders are to be powered from the Deva 037 then a mains supply must be connected.

3 Software installation

3.1 Device driver

During the first re-boot after a PCIexpress product has been installed or when a USB device is plugged in windows will indicate that a new device has been found and will start the standard driver installation procedure. If this does not occur it is possible to initiate this process manually via the ‘add new hardware’ icon in the control panel or via the windows device manager.

Follow the instructions and when requested select ‘have disk’ and then browse to the Drivers directory on the installation media. For example, select:


Click ok and follow instructions to complete the installation.

3.2 DevaTools

Install the DevaTools using the setup program by double clicking the msi file found on the media in the DevaCmmCtrl\DevaTools directory.

These tools include a new DevaCmm Control Panel for both 32bit and 64bit operation and the new Deva Config Editor which is used to configure all Deva products.

3.3 Default Configuration

The Deva CMM controller software no longer uses the axis.cfg and system.cfg configuration files. Instead all configuration is performed using the Deva Config

The first step on a new installation after installing the tools is to use the Deva Config Editor to restore a default configuration for the installed card. This is performed by running up the Deva Config Editor, entering the code 0454 in the code dialog and then performing a restore operation of the appropriate default config backup file.

A number of backup files are supplied for the Deva 004 card, Deva 001 card and Deva 037 in the DevaCmmCtrl\DefaultConfigs directory of the media. This will result in a basic configuration being setup with default values such as number of axes and axis types, the Deva Config Editor is then used to customize the configuration as part of the machine installation. For more information see the Deva Config Editor manual.

Alternatively in a production environment a user may want to restore a pre-prepared master backup for that machine type.

3.4 Testing the installation 

The installation may be tested using either of the supplied Deva CMM Control Panel programs installed by the DevaTools to the start menu or the legacy DevaCmm panel that may be found on the media in the utils\win32 directory, or a card specific utility such as Axistuner. If there are any problems during installation, error messages will be written to the Windows event log.