Packages are further enhanced by a variety of Deva 018 interpolation and Deva 023 readerhead pre-amp options.

The Deva 004 CMM controller based packages enjoy a wide range of existing third party software support.

The Deva 031 colour touchscreen joystick adds a new dimension to CMM machine control. Designed for left or right handed operation, the Deva 031 is a very lightweight and comfortable to use with the speed wheel and main button easily operated by the thumb of the hand holding the device. The other hand is then free to operate the joystick, option button and touch screen.


  • Complete hardware solution for CMM control


  • Fully Automatic co-ordinate measuring machines
  • Automatic inspection machines
  • Machine vision applications
  • Process / Quality Control

Order Code Information

For a CMMSYSTEMPACK order, the order code could be:

CMMSYSTEMPACKA-3DCE-PSU7 - this includes a 3 axis DC servo amplifier with PSU7* (see below for details of PSU options)

PSU code* descriptions:

PSU7 Universal input 48v, 7.5A cont 360W

PSU8 Universal input 48v, 15A cont 700W

PSU9 Universal input 60v, 6A cont 360W

PSU10 Universal input 60v, 12A cont 700W

Please note: CMMSYSTEMPACKC is to be used with own amplifier. Please discuss with Deva support team before purchasing.