This plug 'n' play device appears in Windows as a standard joystick and/or mouse device and needs no further software drivers. In joystick mode the device offers four axes, a point of view hat and six buttons. Mouse mode allows a two-axis joystick to operate the mouse pointer and supports three buttons. A special dual mode lets the user toggle between joystick and mouse control via a single button.

To detect accidental removal of the joystick device a Joystick Present input is provided which must be connected to 0v otherwise the joystick module returns centre values for all inputs.

In addition to the analog inputs the Deva 020 supports 10 digital button inputs. The first four inputs are configured to act as a point of view hat switch and the other six are general purpose buttons.

The Deva 020 operates with the standard HID class drivers.


  • 4 input channels X, Y, Z, R
  • 4 Point of View hat switch inputs
  • 6 Button inputs
  • Joystick present input
  • Microsoft HID class device
  • RS232 port