The Deva 030 interfaces directly to the Deva 004 IO1 and IO2 via two straight through connection cables. The motor signals are fed directly to the servo amplifiers whilst the remaining discrete IO are terminated on 2 part screw terminals on the back of the Deva 030. This allows convenient connection to the machine.

The Deva 030 is offered alongside the Deva 004 PCI CMM Controller and the Deva 031 Colour Touchscreen Joystick as part of the CMMSYSTEMPACK


  • 12 A peak / 6 A continuous per motor
  • Wide 16-80 Vdc motor voltage range
  • Brushed DC motor support
  • Tacho and encoder feedback
  • Adjustable current limit per motor
  • Easy potentiometer tuning
  • Built-in machine control logic
  • Fault / Emergency stop output contacts
  • Range of power supply options
  • Built-in 24Vdc supply for machine logic
  • Built in Emergency stop system
  • Direct connection to Deva 004
  • Compact shelf / rack mounting enclosure

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